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You don’t know Short Story Shanel?


I’ll be the first to say that I’m more of an audiobooker (don’t judge), but Shanel Adams keeps me grounded with her writing. If you like suspense mixed with everyday life experiences, then you need to check her work out. I recently linked up with her and picked her brain….

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Where did your inspiration for writing come from?

Definitely from reading so much as a child. There are so many authors I admire– Toni Morrison is God status to me. Reading their work made me want to do it too, but in my own way.

But I think what inspires me to write now is much different. I can hear a line from a song and it will just spark a whole story for me. Or I will become intrigued by someone in a room who isn’t like everyone else, a feeling I have about someone, or even a conversation I overheard. Anything could make my mind wonder. I always try to answer the question, “What if?”

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Check Out This Crazy Footage of Dubai

Been wanting to visit Dubai for a while now. I think it’s about that time this year. Check out this dope flow motion video of Dubai, showcasing the Middle Eastern paradise’s expansive landscapes. Rob Whitworth has done another unique job in showcasing the many facets of Dubai, taking us on a journey from the airplane to touring all around the city. Featuring the renowned sky-high buildings and skyscrapers, glittering skyline, juxtaposed with the wondrous desert, take a very special look into the jewel of the sands, Dubai.

Mophead BOP – Top Digital Graphic Artist


REAL ARTIST ROLL CALL! We recently linked up with BOP of MOPHEAD DIGITAL and picked his brain. If you don’t know BOP, get in tune now. Don’t say we didn’t tell you!!

Hometown: Detroit, MI

  • Where does your inspiration for graphic design come from?
Both my mother and father were artists so I kind of picked up drawing naturally. After drawing on paper for so long, I just wanted to transcend and move onto digital media.

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2015 NBA Sprite Slam Dunk Contest – Recap –

Talk leading up to Saturday night’s Slam Dunk Contest was that Zach LaVine was going to bring out the big guns. They were RIGHT.

The Timberwolves rookie won the contest by starting off with two perfect scores without a missed dunk. He then smashed home his final two dunks to become the first Timberwolves player to win the contest since 1994 when J.R. Rider — who was also a rookie — took home the trophy.

Spud Cotton drops “New Beginnings” (Music Visual)



Where did you get the name Spud?

Spud actually came from me playing ball. I was always the shortest one on the court. I used to hoop with a friend of mine who was 6 ‘6 lol. I called him Shaq and he started calling me Spud Webb. So Spud stuck with me. Shout out to all the shorties with the big hearts that aren’t afraid to take a shot at whatever life brings…New Heights.

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New York Photographer Suing Nike for Lifting ‘Jumpman’ Logo

pic of mike

The ‘Jumpman’ stands alongside the Swoosh or the Apple as one of the most recognizable pop culture icons ever created. While many attribute the logo to ingenuity on the parts of Tinker Hatfield, Nike and Jordan himself, a recently-publicized lawsuit from New York-based photographer Jacobus Rentmeester posits otherwise. According to a new article by The Oregonian, Rentmeester claims that Nike knowingly lifted the logo’s silhouette from a photograph he took back in 1984 during Jordan’s rookie season, and is suing for an unspecified amount.

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