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I recently sat down with a good friend of mine. She went to Michigan State with me and has definitely been doing great things since graduating! Photography and Video Blogging has a heavy hitter in the industry… and her name is Bianca Charisma.

NAME: Bianca Charisma

Where did your inspiration for photography/vlogging come from?  

My inspiration for photography and blogging actually came from social media websites. Back when Myspace and Facebook were popular, I thought it was a brilliant idea to have people share photos and to update people on what’s going on in their lives. It was interesting. I found myself really loving the photo aspect of those websites and one year I received a professional DSLR camera as a gift and really started to experiment with creating photography. I was in my sophomore year of college at the time and along with experimenting with photography, I decided to start a blog and found it very similar to having a social media profile but instead I could tweak it and really make it my own.

What keeps you motivated to stay involved in it? 

That feeling of excitement I get when I use my camera to do a fun photo shoot or video. When I find myself doing productive creative projects that make me happy, I hardly feel like I’m doing work and thats what motivates me to keep going.

What separates your work from other photographers?

What separates my work is that my work comes from my ideas and the vision I have in my head. No one else can have the same exact vision as me or execute it the way I will. When it comes to photography I just come up with an idea I think would be fun to do and do what I can to make my vision come true.

What is your creative process like when starting a new project?

When starting a new project, I don’t have a strategic creative process. Ideas just kind of come to me. I might be inspired by something I saw on TV or an ad in a magazine or something on the internet. If I feel like I have a great idea I will just write it down and if I think that idea will be something cool to bring to life, then I start on a new project.

What do you have going on now?

Right now I just finished a photography project and visual short film entitled, FASHICONIC: A Tribute to Beauty and Style. It was a super cool project to do and I collaborated with local models, makeup artist, hair and fashion stylist to help me really bring my vision to life. It highlights the beauty and styles of iconic women such as Dorothy Dandridge, Pam Grier, Josephine Baker, Grace Jones and more. I am also one of the models in the project playing Pam Grier which was really fun to do!

I’m also uploading videos every week on my youtube channel which can be found by typing in “Bianca Charisma” in the Youtube search Box. I have videos ranging from my Photography/FASHICONIC videos to beauty tutorials and style ideas. I really love Youtube – it allows me to be in front and behind the camera which is always fun!

What’s next for you?
What’s crazy is that even though I enjoy photography, it’s not the only thing I love to do. I’m an artist and love to express myself so what’s next may not even be a photography project. I’m always ready to do something  fun and creative whether it be something involving makeup, fashion, art, music, theatre, etc. I’m always working on something.
Favorite Quote?
“No one else will believe in you as much as you believe in yourself.”
Do you have BrokePhobia? If so, why?
Yes, I have BrokePhobia. When I think of the word “broke”, I automatically think negative. If you are comfortable with being broke that’s not good. It means you have little desire to push yourself, to grow, to hustle and to succeed. If you have BrokePhobia it means you have that ambitious, driven and positive mindset. A person with this mindset will eventually have everything they desire and has a phobia of anything negative stopping them from success. The word is not just about money, it’s an attitude.
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