Back again with another DOPE HOMIE and you GOTTA know who she is! Met my friend TISH in Spartanville a while back and I didn’t know she had bars like this. All I knew was she could hoop a bit. I first heard a freestyle from her and was like “WHAT”? She’s killing most of these rappers and you need to get in tune if you’re not. I’m really rocking with her latest project titled “The Curve”. The production, the lyrics, and sound did it all for me. PEEP how she… Read More

DOPE HOMIES: Who is Kambui?

One thing for sure, Michigan State has introduced me to a lot of DOPE people that are still in my life today. I am proud to say that I met this man at the IM Court where we spent a lot of our time. I will never forget the day you brought over your Beat Machine. All the homies ended up drinking Four LOKO’s and making beats all night. For anybody that doesn’t know Kambui know that the boy is as genuine as it get. Keeps doing what you do. Keep that passion for your love…. Get in tune people.

NAME: Kambui Olushala Nefta Chui Moore
HOMETOWN: Houston, Texas

Where did your inspiration for music come from? Read More

Ray iLLa drops latest Visual “Loyalty” ft. Dreezy

The homie Ray iLLa and I go back to high school. His music is probably some of the realest I’ve heard. This new single “LOYALTY” featuring Interscope’s newest signee, Dreezy is nothing less than REAL. The track is completed by another dope production from C-Sick. Be on the lookout for his new EP entitled “Situations”.

Stay in tune with iLLa


Kendrick Lamar Reveals New Album Art

dot album

Kendrick Lamar may speak softly in terms of media outings, but when he does announce something – its worth listening. The Compton artist took to none other than his (markedly neglected) Instagram to reveal the album art for his forthcoming album – which has been confirmed as To Pimp A Butterfly in his new cover interview with Rolling Stone. While the precise meaning of the title is still ours to find out, the cover is something of a statement in itself: unapologetically defiant, unpatriotic, ironic, blasé even. Pick up the latest issue of Rolling Stone to learn more about K-Dot’s latest work, which is due in stores on March 23.


Pen & Paper: Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic

Last year was a busy year for New York-based artist Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic. From his artworks seen at the CFDA awards, Miami Art Basel and MoMA, Mestrovic’s unique fluid style of painting along with his impeccable desire to create aided in opening opportunities to share his work across a diverse spectrum of mediums. Not only has his presence touched on music and video but his artwork has found its way into fashion, gracing Nike’s 340 Canal shop, and even linking him to his CFDA counterparts Public School in the label’s 2015 spring/summer collection. Armed with ink, multi-nibbed pens, ink/steel brushes at various shapes, and traditional Japanese calligraphy as one of his foundations — honed with years of study under calligrapher Yukia Kondo — Mestrovic walks us through some of his more recent works in addition to demonstrating his techniques. With a new studio and healthy list of projects under his belt, 2015 should prove to be an even more busy year for the talented artist.

UnCHELLtered CHELL – Singin’ From the Heart


If you don’t know by now, I loves to shout out individuals who really want more than basic. People who know their true worth and chase after it. Everybody has BrokePhobia™, but only a certain few are really doing what they have to do to stay away from broke pockets, broke people, and broke places. One of those few is CHELL. Check her out!

NAME: Chell
Occupation: R&B Singer

Where did your inspiration for music come from?

I think my initial inspiration came from Whitney Houston. I watched The Bodyguard a thousand times a day. I had to be about 2 yrs old. One day, I decided to start singing “Jesus Loves Me” from the movie and after that it was literally history.

What keeps you motivated to stay involved in it?

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Bianca Charisma – A Photography Vlogger to Know


I recently sat down with a good friend of mine. She went to Michigan State with me and has definitely been doing great things since graduating! Photography and Video Blogging has a heavy hitter in the industry… and her name is Bianca Charisma.

NAME: Bianca Charisma

Where did your inspiration for photography/vlogging come from?  

My inspiration for photography and blogging actually came from social media websites. Back when Myspace and Facebook were popular, I thought it was a brilliant idea to have people share photos and to update people on what’s going on in their lives. It was interesting. I found myself really loving the photo aspect of those websites and one year I received a professional DSLR camera as a gift and really started to experiment with creating photography. I was in my sophomore year of college at the time and along with experimenting with photography, I decided to start a blog and found it very similar to having a social media profile but instead I could tweak it and really make it my own.

What keeps you motivated to stay involved in it?  Read More

Jay Spiffy is the NEW Up and Coming South


I met my homie Jamal in ’07 freshman year at FAMU. We stayed on the same floor and all we did was school and hoop together. We all would break into the school gym at night because BALL IS LIFE…. well it was at the time lol. During that time, his roommate Boosie ( we called him that because of his Boosie Fade) was the one rapping. So when I heard that Jamal aka Jay Spiffy started rapping, I had to get in tune…. Point blank, the boy GO! Get in tune!

Name: Jamal Anderson aka Jay Spiffy

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, FL

Where did your inspiration for music come from?

I always loved and had a passion for music but never thought I’d wanna make music. I get my inspiration from daily living and seeing what’s going on nationwide. It’s inspiring to talk about but in a way to reach and touch listeners.

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