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I met my homie Jamal in ’07 freshman year at FAMU. We stayed on the same floor and all we did was school and hoop together. We all would break into the school gym at night because BALL IS LIFE…. well it was at the time lol. During that time, his roommate Boosie ( we called him that because of his Boosie Fade) was the one rapping. So when I heard that Jamal aka Jay Spiffy started rapping, I had to get in tune…. Point blank, the boy GO! Get in tune!

Name: Jamal Anderson aka Jay Spiffy

Hometown: Saint Petersburg, FL

Where did your inspiration for music come from?

I always loved and had a passion for music but never thought I’d wanna make music. I get my inspiration from daily living and seeing what’s going on nationwide. It’s inspiring to talk about but in a way to reach and touch listeners.

What keeps you motivated to stay involved in it?

I would say the fans, random messages from people that want me to know how much they appreciate my music and how much they can relate to it. Oh yea, of course money!

How did you get the name Jay Spiffy?

They name Jay comes from what my family and peers call me and Spiffy was a unique way of saying clean when I was growing up. I used to hear all the old heads say it and I always had a sense of fashion.

What separates your music from other artist?

Well me personally, I feel like my music is different from others because I’m not talking about the norm. Of course I talk about the money but I never sold drugs, never touched a chopper, don’t think I’m the realist in the world and you know just different. I make the type of music that you can ride, smoke, drink, and think to. I like to make classic, longevity music, not right now music. Ya know!

What is your creative process like when you’re writing new music?

I mean i roll up a nice one, listen to beats and once I hear the melody of the beat, I sorta come up with the hook. Then based off the hook I speak what’s real and not fabricated. I try to stay away from the common (Migos) flow, so I just put together material that’ll keep me in my own lane.

What’s next for you?

Aw man what’s next, I’m re-releasing my last project “Real Life Music” and making it a “Real Life Music: Reloaded.” It will feature four or five new songs. I’m currently about to drop another single called “Party.” It’s a guarantee banger for the clubs and a summer anthem. I’m working on more visuals to put the face with the music and man just grinding. Putting in that much needed groundwork to expand the music and gain a bigger fan base. Also, try to work with you on becoming the BrokePhobia official model, lol.

So you saying you have BrokePhobia?

Yessir, because once you’re down, it’s so hard to come back up.

One of my Favorites from the boy is “Cold World”. Listen Up…


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