About Our Brand

It all started with a simple idea – design fresh, high-quality, unique items. Just a few months before I graduated college, I found myself brainstorming about launching my own brand centered around my love for money and artistry. I felt like the design culture was really lacking in these areas. Apparently, this connected with many people all around the world. What started as an outlet for my entrepreneurial spirit, quickly grew into much more than just selling a few shirts. 

BrokePhobia didn’t start with a formal business plan. Rather following the “traditional” model of starting a business, I just tried to apply common sense and research to figure things out as they came up. The best way to learn is by doing.

What We Do


Even as we grow, one thing that I’ve always wanted forBrokePhobia is to maintain the personal touch. We don’t try to make BrokePhobialook like a big corporation. We are as transparent as possible. No matter howbig we get, I always want to be accessible to fans and customers. I loveconnecting with people on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  

Rather than investing lots of money into traditional paidadvertising, we’ve simply relied on word-of-mouth from people that appreciateBrokePhobia and want to tell their friends about us. With the help of theInternet and social media, the reach of word-of-mouth is truly effective. As aresult, BrokePhobia products have been shipped to customers in every US Stateand a couple international countries. We have been featured in so blogs andspotted on various celebrities. 

The Team

Justin J. Dunn


“I want people to know that I put my everything into building this brand. Being broke made me more hungry. Every person on this earth has BrokePhobia. They just don’t know it…. yet.”

Eddie “Edo” White

Creative Director

“I can’t go one day without cooking up dope art. Just imagine Picasso turning up on a tuesday, in VIP with photoshop, throwing money at your favorite instagram model….. Thats is BrokePhobia. Bless UP!”