8 People You’ve Never Heard Of Who Are Way Richer Than Floyd “Money” Mayweather


In America, life is all about perception. Those people in the movies? Yeah, they’re mostly hollow, self-centered simpletons…but they look so beautiful and important on the red carpet! Those people we elect to represent us in Washington? Yeah, they’re crooked, power-hungry liars who lick the boots of corporate lobbyists…but the speeches they give can be so inspirational! Those athletes on the field and court and in the ring? Yeah, they’re juiced-up glory-hounding college dropouts…but they’re champions! Of the WORLD!

The truth rarely overpowers the perception…

Which is why it’s so funny that the planet’s best pound-for-pound boxer goes by the nickname “Money”. Sure, Floyd Mayweather is the undisputed undefeated champion of the world and one of the greatest at his craft who ever existed. But a more appropriate nickname would be Floyd “Really Good At Boxing” Mayweather. That’s WAY more accurate than “Money”. There are just far too many disgustingly rich people in this world to claim that name. It’d be like calling him Floyd “Tall” Mayweather because he’s 5’8″ and Manny Pacquiao is only 5’6″. It’s all relative. Yes, he’s rich. But he’s not rich rich.

According to Google, Floyd Mayweather has a net worth of $280 million. It is reported that he will make an additional $120 million by fightingManny Pacquiao on May 2 in the most anticipated bout in recent memory. So let’s make a very rough (and generous) assumption that he’s worth a total of $400 million.


That’s rich. But, again, the people below? They’re rich rich. They’re “Money”. There are levels to this shit, and the best way to show that is with a visual comparison. So follow us as we travel around the world looking for wealth in the weirdest places and present to you 8 People You’ve Never Heard Of Who Are Way Richer Than Floyd “Money” Mayweather.

8. Diane Hendricks


Nationality: American
Age: 67
Industry: Roofing
Net worth: $3.6 Billion
Floyd worth: 9X richer than Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather’s Wikipedia page is 13,544 words long. Diane Hendricks’ Wiki page, in comparison, has 271 words. The “Personal life” section is literally just the sentence “She has seven children and lives in Afton, Wisconsin.” That’s it.

Yet, if Diane the roofing industry billionaire widow woke up tomorrow with Floyd Mayweather’s bank account, she’d think she had died and gone to poor person hell. She’s worth NINE TIMES what Floyd’s worth, and she didn’t have to fight people or perform weird neck-strengthening exercises to get there.

7. Elizabeth Holmes


Nationality: American
​Age: 31
Industry: Blood Testing
Net worth: $4.6 Billion
Floyd worth: 11.5x richer than Floyd Mayweather

Floyd turns 38 today, which makes him a wildly successful young(ish) person with worldwide fame and riches galore. Wait…what’s that? Elizabeth Holmes is only 31 and has over eleven times the wealth of “Money” Mayweather? And she got it after building a company around a patent for a “medical device for analyte monitoring and drug delivery”? Who’s trying to fight when science is putting these kinda stacks in your account?

Fun fact: Ms. Holmes raised $400 million in venture capital to help grow her company Theranos. That’s a full Mayweather net worth of injection into her now $9 billion company. LEVELS.

6. Wang Chuanfu


Nationality: Chinese
​Age: 48
Industry: Batteries
Net worth: $4.7 Billion
Floyd worth: 11.75x richer than Floyd Mayweather

If Mayweather’s is an inspirational American tale of perseverance and success in the face of adversity, then Wang Chuanfu’s story of becoming a multi-billionaire in China is one for the record books. According to his Wikipedia page, before Warren Buffett bought 225 million shares of his cell phone battery company and made him the richest man in China, he was born to a family of poor farmers. Not only that, but he had to be cared for by his older brother and sister because “both his parents died in death.”

5. Keiichiro Takahara


Nationality: Japanese
​Age: 83
Industry: Diapers
Net worth: $5.7 Billion
Floyd worth: 14.5x richer than Floyd Mayweather

Dat diaper money doe. Keiichiro getting paper by turning that brown into green. Or green into green depending on the diet of the child. Or brown/green into whatever color the money is in Japan. Either way, the man literally turned human shit into $5.7 billion.

4. Goh Cheng Liang


Nationality: Singaporean
​Age: ??
Industry: Paints
Net worth: $7.5 Billion
Floyd worth: 18.75x richer than Floyd Mayweather

There’s seems to be a running theme among all of these super-rich billionaire business people: we don’t know anything about them! Goh Cheng Liang has more money than 18+ Floyd Mayweathers yet you can’t even find this man’s age on the internet. Maybe he’s so rich that he was able to destroy all parts of the Internet that included his age? Who knows?

The only thing we know for sure is that he’s definitely from Singapore. Of the four sentences that make up his Wiki page, three of them are pretty much “He lives in Singapore.” I’m about three more super-secretive billionaires away from spending my afternoon doing Illuminati research.

3. Dmitry Rybolovlev


Nationality: Russian
​Age: 48
Industry: Fertilizer
Net worth: $8.5 Billion
Floyd worth: 21.25x richer than Floyd Mayweather

Pretty sure if I were a Russian billionaire with a net worth nearly 22 times that of Floyd Mayweather, I would never let anyone refer to me as a “Fertilizer Kingpin” again. It’d be “King Shit” only. “Mr. King Shit, sir” probably.

Dmitry is so rich that he holds the world record for most expensive divorce settlement in history, a ruling that handed $4.5 billion his ex-wife Elena. That’s right, his ex-wife by simply saying “я делаю”  is over 11 times richer than Floyd and she never had to knuckle up against Miguel Cotto or Oscar De La Hoya.

2. Giovanni Ferrero


Nationality: Italian
​Age: 50
Industry: Chocolates
Net worth: $26.5 Billion
Floyd worth: 66.25x richer than Floyd Mayweather

Chocolate money runs deep! Giovanni’s father Michele passed away earlier this month, leaving him as the central heir to the Ferrero chocolate fortune. The wealth isn’t particularly surprising: if you’ve ever tasted a Ferrero Rocher or Nutella you’re well aware as to why this family is dumb wealthy.

You probably weren’t aware of exactly how wealthy, though. You probably didn’t think the family could afford to field an entire 53-man NFL roster of guys all making Floyd Mayweather’s total net worth and still have enough money left over to buy the Dallas Cowboys and about 10,000 Maybachs. But yeah, they can.

1. Forrest Mars, Jr.


Nationality: American
​Age: 83
Industry: Candy
Net worth: $27.8 Billion
Floyd worth: 69.5x richer than Floyd Mayweather

Honestly, who has been eating all this damned chocolate? Nearly 70x richer than Money Mayweather? From generations of hawking candy bars? Looks to me like sugar cane is the white that people should be looking to push in these streets.

Forrest Mars, Jr. is one of the richest people on the planet and only has like two pictures on the Internet. And the main one looks like he was caught off-guard at a black tie event where he immediately had the photographer murdered afterward. It’s simply amazing how many ultra-rich people are living in relative anonymity​ in this world. Floyd has to go out here and defend himself against punches and media slander and social media trolls while Forrest Mars, Jr. contemplates literally buying the planet Mars with nary a hater in sight.

Start a business, kids. Sports are for suckers… lol

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