Spud Cotton drops “New Beginnings” (Music Visual)



Where did you get the name Spud?

Spud actually came from me playing ball. I was always the shortest one on the court. I used to hoop with a friend of mine who was 6 ‘6 lol. I called him Shaq and he started calling me Spud Webb. So Spud stuck with me. Shout out to all the shorties with the big hearts that aren’t afraid to take a shot at whatever life brings…New Heights.

What inspired to start making music?

My inspiration for music came from my Grandparents. My Granny is an artist. She traveled the world singing with her Choir. My Grandfather had over 300 old school CD’S & Records, so I always was around the Good Positive Music growing up in the 90’s. The music was so beautiful. It was real Hip Hop. ‘Feel Good’ head-nodding. I’m trying to bring that feel back. This Generation needs it.

What Motivates you to keep at it?

My motivation for music honestly comes from Nature & Life. God, my experiences, hard times, good times, Family & Friends all are my inspiration to the type of music that I make. That ” Feel Good Music. ”

What separates your music from other artists?

My approach – I don’t go to the studio and try to make a hit or a club banger. Whenever I pick up a pen, it’s to make timeless music. Even if people don’t get it now, they will later. I can talk about the B*tches, H*es, Money, Clothes because I got em, had em, been there & done that. But I’m older now & been through things. I’ve traveled the world so when I make music, I think about Timeless Material that everyone relates to. Create Good Music so people feel good and want to go from Good to Better in their life.

What is your creative process like when you’re writing new music?

I listen to the instrumental over and over. Some tracks I ride to for weeks and some I easily come up with something on the spot. I like my vibe to be Chilled and Comfortable. I love to get lost in the music and see where the beat takes me. I dissect the beat and listen to every instrument and tempo so I could properly connect with it. Let the beat speak to me. I’m blessed to have my own producers who have reached out to me and want to work.

What’s next for you?

The TAKEOVER! I have a short project dropping in bout a month or so called “Good 2 Better.” All original music. This project has 3 producers;  Jalen/Art/Bobby from OHIO, the homie Flight from Springfield, & a good friend of mine Beau Brenton (BRMC) from St. louis. More Videos coming soon and more dope shows.

Do you have BrokePhobia? If so, why?

I definitely have BrokePhobia lol. Even though being broke made my grind stronger and harder, I know God didn’t put us on this Earth to not have. We are Kings and Queens. That’s why I grind and make things happen; because I never want to go back to broke. I do what I have to do to stay as far away from that b-word. I had to pay homage to the brand. (Check out “BrokePhobia” from Collab Project “Stud Up Guyz” with Ray iLLa).


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