Spud Cotton releases “Stack It Up” from his new EP

The brother Spud just released new heat from his upcoming EP called “GOOD 2 BETTER”. “Stack It Up” (Prod. by Beau Brenton) is most definitely a single for the go-getters with BrokePhobia. Good 2 Better will be dropping April 20th. I am truly a FAN of my good friend Spud Cotton. The boy’s faith in God, family, and feel good music is unreal.

If you aren’t up on his music… Don’t say I didn’t give you ALL HIS LINKS below lol. Keep Goin’ Spud!

SpudCotton.com | Facebook | Youtube |

|Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud |


Spud Cotton drops “New Beginnings” (Music Visual)



Where did you get the name Spud?

Spud actually came from me playing ball. I was always the shortest one on the court. I used to hoop with a friend of mine who was 6 ‘6 lol. I called him Shaq and he started calling me Spud Webb. So Spud stuck with me. Shout out to all the shorties with the big hearts that aren’t afraid to take a shot at whatever life brings…New Heights.

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