Back again with another DOPE HOMIE and you GOTTA know who she is! Met my friend TISH in Spartanville a while back and I didn’t know she had bars like this. All I knew was she could hoop a bit. I first heard a freestyle from her and was like “WHAT”? She’s killing most of these rappers and you need to get in tune if you’re not. I’m really rocking with her latest project titled “The Curve”. The production, the lyrics, and sound did it all for me. PEEP how she…



Where did your inspiration for music come from?

My inspiration for music came from my dad, really.  Growing up, he produced and managed artists and was an artist himself.  I just remember sneaking down the steps of our basement to listen in on his studio sessions.  We had a full studio set up in the basement and I was never really given permission to come down, probably because of the content of their songs and lyrics at the time, but I always wanted to just be in that environment and in the atmosphere while they recorded and sang their melodies and songs.  My dad was a singer and was really big on that Motown Sound; you know, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, The Temptations, etc.  Ever since those moments as a child I made sure that I was involved in music some way or another, whether it was being involved in band, secretly writing my own poems/lyrics, or sneaking on his equipment to make my own beats.

What keeps you motivated to stay involved in it?
What keeps me motivated today, and really just recently, was being able to have a platform and using that platform to make a really big difference and change throughout our people and the community.  Until I was old enough to actually understand the power of music, I never realized how our children and communities are really effected by that person behind the microphone.  I believe that rappers, or artists in general, are the leaders of today.  Its something about what we say over a beat, through a melody that makes people listen and moves people.  Some use that power carelessly but I would love to be one that uses that power for the greater good.
What separates your music from other artist?
I’m honestly not sure what separates my music from other artists.  I’m just concentrating on myself, getting better, and creating good music for the people to listen to and hopefully accept.  I do think I’m a step away from the norm, as far as rap and hip hop, which may be a breath of fresh air for someone.
What do you have going on now?
Right now, I’m excited to be pushing my very first project as an artist.  People haven’t really gotten a chance to hear my music and my artistry, so this project was extremely important to me.  I’ve dropped a few things here and there but I don’t think people have really gotten a chance to hear me or get to know me as an artist.  So, on January 12. 2015 (my birthday) I announced the release of The Curve, in which people could only get through hard copy.  I did the hard copy only release for several reasons, but to sum it up I thought that it would be a good way to bring back the essence of what hip hop used to be.  How artists could only really on the footwork they did on the streets to create a buzz, as opposed to today’s social media and internet marketing.  Being able to be face to face with my supporters and meet those who were willing to invest in my art was an experience that I felt was necessary to have. As an extra incentive for those who chose to reach out and cop a hard copy receive a custom BGK sticker and poster of myself. Digital copies were release on March 1, and I chose to give people the option to either still buy and download the project on my bandcamp account (, or listen to the project for free (available on
What’s next for you?
Next, I’m just working on elevating everything.  You can expect to see a couple visuals from a few songs off the project.  I don’t have any release dates for anything, I kind of just release things when I feel like it’s ready.  I’ll also be working on headlining my own show and getting ready for a bigger and better project.  Really just doing whatever I can to keep my name and presence out there and in people’s faces.
Do you have BrokePhobia? If so, why?
I most definitely have BrokePhobia.  I think that whole campaign and slogan is genius by the way.  I’m sure everybody has BrokePhobia, its the reason why we get up and go to work everyday.  Me personally, just knowing that my music career can possibly make me money one day is motivation to go even harder.  I try not to put a huge value on money, but its hard to get around in the type of world we live in today.  So, my family, my friends, and my boss (or bosses, because I have two jobs) are my motivations. I hate to see my family and close friends struggling, and not being able to help or do anything about it.  I hate having to get up and clock into a job, waste long hours at this job, all to make someone else rich. I hate having to answer to my boss, scared to ask for a day off, being paid a wage that I can’t survive off of.  If my passion in music could turn into a way to eliminate these things, then I’m going to get it. Whatever situation you want to avoid, or fears you have, I’m sure having BrokePhobia is one of them and enough motivation to go harder. Thanks again for opportunity! Much love and success to you guys!
Get in tune with the girl. She is too dope and should be in your playlist. Keep going Tish. Forreal…. Don’t stop reaching for your passion.



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