DOPE HOMIES: Who is Kambui?

One thing for sure, Michigan State has introduced me to a lot of DOPE people that are still in my life today. I am proud to say that I met this man at the IM Court where we spent a lot of our time. I will never forget the day you brought over your Beat Machine. All the homies ended up drinking Four LOKO’s and making beats all night. For anybody that doesn’t know Kambui know that the boy is as genuine as it get. Keeps doing what you do. Keep that passion for your love…. Get in tune people.

NAME: Kambui Olushala Nefta Chui Moore
HOMETOWN: Houston, Texas

Where did your inspiration for music come from?

It started in the church. My dad and mom being so heavily involved in the community, I was always around talented people. Both my parents played instruments and could carry a tune. I used to bang on everything in the house and eventually they got me a drum-set and some lessons. Soon as I was old enough, they let me play in church. I had a few people take me under their wing and really showed how to express myself through music. I practically lived in the music stores in Houston. I knew I always wanted to travel and be like Earth,Wind, and Fire but it took awhile for my life to catch up to what that actually looked like. Basketball got in the way for a few years but I came back to what I knew once I realized happiness was the only thing that mattered. I was in concert and marching band until the 9th grade, so it comes from all that. I don’t talk a lot but I have strong opinions. It works out. A lot of people don’t now, I’m not really new to this lol
What keeps you motivated to stay involved in it?
I have no idea. I think about quitting everyday. I don’t want to be famous at all. It’s really a harsh reality when you learn that in order to share your work, you have to climb over so many walls. People are already set up in certain spots and they make it seem as if you have to go through them to get anywhere. I love seeing people who deserve it get to share their stories and that keeps me going. I also know that if people heard it, it could possibly add something to their life like it does for me. I absolutely will do these things regardless and I’m excited to introduce new sounds to people.There are no rules and I’m always chasing the perfect song…which should be fresh but hard to digest with one listen.
What separates your music from other artist?
Honestly, the biggest thing is that its not to be listened to with other people. It’s for you. Some of the most intense moments in your life happen when you’re alone and everything you’re dealing with always likes to hit you at once. I make music for those specific moments and I want people to go back out there a little braver. I love that people can hear the arrangements and enjoy the music but it has an overall purpose for sure.
What is your creative process like when you’re writing new music?
Well I don’t just make music everyday like people encourage you to do. It get’s exhausting and I know it would be forced. I work on the same things for months and I have to actually experience something that I need to further explore before I do anything. Everything you hear is from actual events and conversations I’ve had so its really personal. It sounds crazy but I also hear these smooth ass songs playing in my dreams. I wake up and try my best to translate what I was hearing. And sometimes you just have those moments where you have a lot to say and the words write themselves. Then you make the music around that emotion.
What do you have going on now?
Well I work in education. Helping kids find their purpose is what I want to do for the rest of my life. I spend most of my time planning out how I’m going to spend the money I’m saving. I’m probably on my laptop reaching out to people I think can help me shape the future, building relationships, and marketing my music. And I always searching the internet for the next big thing as well.
What’s next for you?
Probably have two songs come out randomly this year and maybe a full-length if I find the right home. Also, I need that bachelor pad. I like staying in and it’d be nice to have that to work out of. Def want to tour a few places soon and make it more of a full-time thing. I also want to get some stuff in films and work on other people’s music. I’ve been meaning to that but its one step at a time. I’m also going to start a youth program like the one in Sister Act 2. To have a home studio and a performing youth program are the dreams I’m working on everyday.
Do you have BrokePhobia? If so, why?

Man. I like the concept so much because it makes it simple for you. You either want these things to happen or you’re going to let a bunch of people tell you why they won’t. I am terrified of failure and of course that motivates me to take chances on myself.

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